Southern Pacific #18 – November 2018

Draining the engine and tender before splitting apart just after the October 5th operation
Having just disconnected the tender the #18 is moved to the other track
Pushing the engine back in the shop with the dramatic Sierras in the background
Tender being moved for loading
Don Wards truck

What a busy month! The day after the fire was dropped on the #18 on October 5th things got underway for the #18’s big road trip to Durango. Work occurred each weekend of the month to prepare the engine and tender for their moves.

First up was the tender, Don Ward and Dry Lake trucking did the honors of hauling it, where it safely arrived in Durango on October 25th.

The locomotive was loaded in Independence on the 27th of October on Brandon Rosser’s heavy haul trailer. Having loaded the engine 3 times on the trailer we had a good routine down and the loading went very smooth. Due to another job for Rosser trucking the locomotive spent the week in their Ridgecrest yard prior to finally heading to Durango late in the day on November 1st. A smooth trip across California and Arizona brought the #18 into Durango about 10am on November 3rd. The Durango and Silverton shop crew was on hand to unload the engine and tuck it inside the roundhouse for its upcoming work.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that has been part of the process to make this happen, both on the ground getting their hands dirty and behind the scenes working on the details of the lease. Special mention needs to go to Inyo County and the D&SNG for working together to make it possible as well as Dry Lake trucking and Rosser Heavy Haul trucking for doing the heavy moving.

Check back in the coming months to see images and for more information on the #18 in operation on the Durango and Silverton!

Rolling on the trailer
Donnie Ward gets ready to move out the load
Arrived in Durango and ready to unload
On the Durango turntable
Randy backs the switcher down out of the way
The #18 ready to load
Ramp is built and ready to bring the engine back
Easing the engine down the hill
Everyone is on hand to build the ramp
#18 safely on board the trailer
Before hooking up the tractor everyone examines the locomotive.
On Onion Valley road with the Sierras in the background
All hooked up and ready to pull out if Independence on Oct. 26th.
Just arrived in Durango on the 3rd of November
Ready to roll off the truck in Durango
On the Durango turntable with the “hot shot” diesel
Safe and sound in the Durango roundhouse. Engine 493 to the right and 480 behind.