Southern Pacific #18 restoration – July and August 2018

Smoke box showing removed stud

The old stud

Travis with a new stud before being cut to size

Moving boxcar 15

Ready to turn #15

Turning #15

Cody and locomotive #11

Moving the boxcar into the building

The end of July brought some progress on replacement of a worn stud in the smoke box of the #18. Work went well and will be completed before our October 5th operation.

Also occurring was the shuffle to place boxcar #15 on wheels. Forklifts, tractors and jacks were all that was needed to get #15 back on track and inside








A reminder to come out to Independence on the 4th and 5th of October, THURSDAY and FRIDAY to see the #18 under steam and running over the new track. Thursdays operation will be in conjunction with the Lone Pine film festival. Currently there are not plans to have the #18 under steam on Saturday or Sunday, the 6th and 7th of October. Hope to see you soon!

Inside and ready for restoration

Southern Pacific #18 update – June 2018

As is often the case with the CCRW, work weekends in the summer months are usually few and far between. One recent work day had boxcar #6 move to its new display site in Dehy Park. After literally dozens of boxcar moves over the past decades the CCRW has gotten very good at moving these cars, this one taking only half a day to accomplish. With #6 now at its final location it can be lettered and the remainder of the display can be set up around it.

Looking ahead to other upcoming projects, our restoration boxcar #15 will be placed on trucks and moved inside the engine house for future work, track and museum site work will be ongoing, and finally work on buttoning up the smokebox and some other odds and ends on the #18 will be on the docket in the near future as well in preparation for our October 5-6th operations. Make your plans now to join us! As always, thank you for your continued support!