Southern Pacific #18 – November 2018

The 18 and 481 outside the Durango roundhouse
The 481 being prepped to pull the first Polar Express train along side the 18
Arriving at Home Ranch siding

Switching cars at Home Ranch












After arriving in Durango the first week of November, the #18 was reunited with its tender and a few minor repairs were made. Its first steam day came on November 15th and was within the confines of the Durango Yard. On Thanksgiving eve, November 21st, the #18 took its first trip out on the line to Home Ranch siding. The round trip was about 14 miles in length and it was the first time in 65 years the #18 was truly up to speed at 20 mph. At Home Ranch the #18 picked up a caboose, turned around and headed back to Durango where it performed the evening switching duties and even pinch hit for the Polar Express grand entrance.

Sanding flues with 9 cars in tow.


#18 at Home Ranch siding
Missionary ridge in the background at Home Ranch siding.