Southern Pacific #18 update – September 2019

Jerry Day’s shot of eight locomotives, seven of which are under steam!

September 4th was a historic day in Durango as seven locomotives were together under steam, including our #18! A week later on the 10th, #18 made its last trip on the D&SNG. Jerry Day filmed this video from the cab of #18 on its trip south.

Now that #18’s work in Durango is done, it will receive its annual inspection and will be trucked home to Independence in the coming weeks. On November 2nd, #18 will be under steam back in California for a “Welcome Home” celebration fundraiser at the Eastern California Museum. Be sure to make your plans to be there!

In other exciting news, the Carson and Colorado, along with Sumpter Valley Railroad have acquired three former SP boxcars form the Silverwood Amusement park. The cars are complete with trucks and all their hardware, altered only by time since the day they left the SP in 1960. One of the three cars, #354 (Nee #1C), will be coming to Independence for use with #18 at the ECM. Working with our good friends at Rosser trucking, #354 will be heading south from Idaho in mid October. Your donations are greatly appreciated to help fund the move, and ultimate restoration of this historic car! And again, don’t forget to come out to the ECM on the 2nd of November to see the car.

Boxcar #354 as seen at Silverwood, Idaho in August 2019

Southern Pacific #18 – August 2019

Stephen Mather picture

On both August 23rd and 24th #18 pulled three cars of happy riders on a round trips to Silverton. On the 23rd about 75 volunteers and supporters of the Carson Colorado were on board, followed by another 80 or so riders on the 24th. The trips were the final scheduled runs of #18 while in Durango, although we will certainly have it out another trip or two before its ultimate return to California in October.

Stephen Mather picture

Here is a link to one of our friend Bob Whitney’s videos of the runs. As more pictures and videos of the events are sent our way we will add a photo gallery and additional updates.

As always thank you for your support and stay tuned for more updates!