Southern Pacific #18 update – January and February 2017

Weather and 5 years worth of rain and snow have slowed the building project some but we finally got back to work. Almost the entire weekend was spent at the museum with no major work was performed on the locomotive this time around except for reinstalling the injector.

Cutting the steel ties
Jared cuts the rail
Moving the rail onto the slab

The focus was to get both sections of building track constructed on the slab and ready to be set in place in the concrete troughs once the water and ice dry up. That goal was entirely achieved! Our secondary projects were to install the grab irons on the boxcar that will ultimately go to Dehy Park and to cut ties to the 6 foot narrow gauge length and plug the old spike holes. Both of those projects were also nearly completed. Aside from a productive weekend we also had beautiful scenery with the mountains covered in snow. When the weather cooperates the new building will go up and the engine and tender can move in!

And its official we will be running the #18 on July 3rd at the Eastern California Museum, so come out and join us.