Southern Pacific #18 – December 2019

December 2009

As the decade of the teens comes to a close its worth a quick reminder as to how far we have come. The picture above shows #18 a decade ago in December 2009, silent, cold and showing the ravages of time in the confines of Dehy Park. After 10 years of tremendous support from all of you, #18 is now alive and well cared for.

The Carson and Colorado would like to thank EVERYONE who has contributed to the successes of #18 and hope you will all continue to support us as we maintain #18 into the new decade. Happy New Year and see you all in 2020!

Southern Pacific #18 – November 2019

November 2nd was an exciting day as #18 was once again home in Independence and under steam. Over 150 of our supporters showed up and ultimately contributed over $4200! Dozen more books were sold and Yours truly gave a short talk on the #18’s year in Durango, The day was wrapped up with an awesome tri-tip dinner and music.

Stephen Mather was on hand to take some awesome photos!

Some other highlights of the weekend included the continuation of our “Klusmire Museum Extension” switch installation. We also pulled our new boxcar #1C a time or two up and down the line.

As always , none of this would be possible without your generous donations and support! And don’t forget to get a copy of “Southern Pacific #18 Steams Anew” for a Christmas gift, they’re selling fast.