Southern Pacific #18 update – September 2018

Labor Day weekend brought us together to complete the smoke box repairs and get the #18 ready for operation in October. Thanks to everyone’s hard work we we’re able to get all of the repairs competed and a successful hydro performed on the #18.

In addition to having the #18 ready to steam up, boxcar #15 also received some significant work. Some of what was done included: repacking the journals with new waste, greasing the air piston, re lapping the triple valve, repairing the angle cock valves and thoroughly cleaning the interior of the car. Our goal is to be able to use the #15 during our October steam up.

As a reminder, come join us Friday October 5th for a day of operations followed by a world famous trash can tri-tip dinner.

Dinner is $15

Cab rides are a $20 donation


Southern Pacific #18 update – June 2018

As is often the case with the CCRW, work weekends in the summer months are usually few and far between. One recent work day had boxcar #6 move to its new display site in Dehy Park. After literally dozens of boxcar moves over the past decades the CCRW has gotten very good at moving these cars, this one taking only half a day to accomplish. With #6 now at its final location it can be lettered and the remainder of the display can be set up around it.

Looking ahead to other upcoming projects, our restoration boxcar #15 will be placed on trucks and moved inside the engine house for future work, track and museum site work will be ongoing, and finally work on buttoning up the smokebox and some other odds and ends on the #18 will be on the docket in the near future as well in preparation for our October 5-6th operations. Make your plans now to join us! As always, thank you for your continued support!