Southern Pacific #18 update – April and May 2021

Loading day for our #18 was Saturday April 10th. Having been previously prepared, and freshly painted, our large volunteer crew arrived to safely secure the engine and tender on Brandon Rosser’s trailers. While loading a locomotive of #18’s size is never easy, we have transported it enough times to have developed a pretty quick routine. Both engine and tender were on their way just shortly after lunch!

After a weekend stay in Ridgecrest and a two day drive, #18 safely arrived in Durango on Wednesday the 14th and was promptly unloaded the following morning. Rosser trucking once again did a fantastic job of hauling the engine and tender. After the unload, the stack was installed and the engine moved inside the roundhouse in preparation for its annual inspection.

Many of you have asked when #18 will be operating in Durango. Because its being used as a back up to the D&SNG’s other locomotive’s, there is currently not a set operating schedule. Our plan is that we will be able to provide at least a few dates in advance that allow folks to make plans. So please check back soon and we will do our best to provide semi regular updates and photos.

In other news: the weekend following #18’s departure from Independence, our crew, along with our friends from the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Museum loaded former Rio Grande stock car #5771. The stock car, long a resident – since 1997 – of the Eastern California Museum was sold to the NCNGM where it will become the bones for a restored tank car. Once again the move went well and we are thrilled at the cooperation between the groups!