Southern Pacific #18 – October 2019

Before we get into all that has happened in the past few weeks lets start with a reminder that #18’s Welcome Home party is scheduled for November 2nd. Food, music, a presentation of the year in Durango and of course #18 will all be happening, RSVP’ing on the ECM Facebook page is greatly appreciated.

Now as for the happenings of the Carson and Colorado trucking company. Thanks to Rosser trucking we performed three separate moves in three states over three weeks! First was the tender which departed Durango on the 4th of October. On the 10th, #18 departed Durango, while at the same time the tender was being unloaded in Independence. On the 13th, #18 was unloaded in Independence. Lastly, our new boxcar, #354 was loaded on the 16th in Northern Idaho and was unloaded in Independence on the 18th. An enormous amount of credit goes to Brandon Rosser and Rosser trucking and all the guys in Independence for setting up the ramps and rails to make it all happen. THANK YOU ALL!