Southern Pacific #18 Museum Building – March 2017

Roadbed work underway before the rails are put in place
Our tiny pit. After being in a park for the past decade this little hole will seem massive!

The weather has finally turned in our favor and progress is underway on the engine house. The track was permanently installed in the concrete complete with a small pit and then the building began to go up! If all goes accordingly the building should be complete sometime in April. We are well on the way to moving the #18 into its new house!

Just a reminder that the official building dedication and first run of the #18 at the Eastern California Museum will be on July 3rd.

Also be sure to check out the new Carson and Colorado film at the Eastern California Museum. If you haven’t been to the museum lately you owe it to yourself to stop by.

Another winter storm is moving in as the finished track is in place.
The first building post go up.
Framing is coming along.
The frame of our new engine house set against the snowy Sierra’s.