Southern Pacific #18 – July and August 2020

After a brief reopening, both the Eastern California Museum and Laws Railroad Museum are again closed due to California State Covid regulations. Since both museums receive a big part of their income through sales from their respective gift shops be sure to call or email them and pick up a book, puzzle, t-shirt or some other fun gift to support them; the ECM has some great SP #18 t-shirts. Also, if you don’t already have one, be sure to grab your copy of Southern Pacific #18 Steams Anew. Both the ECM and Laws have them for sale, and there aren’t too many copies remaining so don’t wait any longer, it will be the best $20 you have spent in a while!

As for happenings with #18, well not much has be going on. Our plan however is that we can continue our track work, social distance style, in the coming months once the weather cools down and we are able to work. Think cool thoughts and stay tuned!

The direction of our future track laying efforts. Heading to the museum.
Thinking cool thoughts. #18 momentarily shares the frame with Galloping Goose #5 as she heads onto the turntable on a chilly single digit morning in February 2019.