Southern Pacific #18 Update – February and March 2021

February managed to see one, very small, work day occur. Only four attended and our primary focus was on installing a temporary, yet stable, roof on perlite car #73. Long without a proper roof, #73 had its plywood roof blown off last year in a wind storm. With no immediate plans to perform a proper restoration on #73 we decided to reinstall a plywood roof however this time with a little more structure to it so it will last, its certainly not pretty but will suffice. Also repaired was #73’s door so it will open.

Work was also begun on the pair of former Westside Lumber company trucks which will be repaired and ultimately placed under boxcar #15 to make it sit at a proper height and look more historically accurate. Work still remains to be performed before they are ready to go under #15.

In addition to the work on the boxcars, we removed the gauges off of #18 to test them for its annual. Also accomplished was some repairs to our push car and trips to both Owenyo and Kearsarge. All in all it was a beautiful day and a half in Independence! We look forward to the next work weekend, hopefully in April!

Southern Pacific #18 – September 2020

Can you believe it; The Slim Princess reunion was three years ago this month! How time flies. In remembrance of that special weekend take a look at the photo gallery and all the wonderful pictures from that weekend.

As for current events, well, sadly, there hasn’t been any. That’s going to change soon! We do intend to continue our track work in October so check back next month for photos of the progress.