Southern Pacific #18 – December 2022

2022 is almost over, and once again it has been a successful and productive year for us. Accomplishments such as the #18 returning to Nevada for the first time since 1938 when it participated in the Great Western Steam Up in Carson City, completion of our track layout at the Museum in Independence, and the start of our restoration of boxcar #1C are the key highlights of the year.

Speaking about #1C and its restoration, don’t forget that you still have time to help us by donating towards its restoration by helping to match the $10,000 grant awarded to us by the Narrow Gauge Preservation Foundation. Your donation through the end of the year will go towards this match; and as always are tax deductible. Click here to donate. With fundraising underway, we recently performed some additional exploratory work on the car by removing the siding on the end. This revealed significant damage to the end sill and confirmed it will need replacement, which will begin soon after the first of the year.

Lastly, we hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season and remember all those things we are all thankful for. We look forward to 2023 and the future beyond! As always thank you for your support!

Southern Pacific #18 – November 2022

Great news! We have been awarded a $10,000 matching grant for the restoration of our boxcar #1C! The Narrow Gauge Preservation Foundation, who has supported us in the past with funds that went towards the restoration of #18, has again stepped forward with $10,000 dollars that we will use towards the purchase of materials to restore our boxcar #1C.

It is our goal to match, and hopefully exceed, the $10,000 by the end of the year. If accomplished, we will be able to purchase all of the wood and hardware necessary to restore the car to its 1930’s appearance. including specialty milled siding and roofing, oak for end blocks and one end sill, and dimensional materials for the facias, doors, and catwalks. Once the materials are on hand, we will be able to begin the actual disassembly. If everything goes as planned we hope to have the restoration finished in 2024. Donations can be sent to: Carson & Colorado Ry. PO BOX 194, Independence, CA 93526. To make a donation via PayPal click here.

A more detailed history and additional photos can be found here.

In other recent news, we had a visit from some members of the Model T Club and they were able to pose their vehicles with #18. Its always fun to have people visit us with their cool toys. As always THANK YOU for your support in preserving our SP Narrow Gauge heritage!