Southern Pacific #18 – July 2015

Independence Day in Independence, CA. 2015’s July 4th parade was just like any other; cars, trucks, fire engines, and of course a good old fashion community get together. This year the CCRW had their newly donated 1922 White truck in the parade. It did well and then died, got running again and died once more, none the less all had fun. Despite the rain some people also toured the locomotive, complete with headlight and class lamps all lit up.

In other news: while things are still moving in the right direction over at the museum, we will not be turning dirt as hoped in the coming weeks. As of now it looks more like late summer or early fall when things can get going, but one never knows.

As for the locomotive, we will be back at it later this month as well as in August, pushing for the home stretch and a hopeful completion of the locomotive restoration in mid to late 2016!

As always, we say THANKS for all the support and hope to see you around. Also, check out some of our New and Discounted merchandise in our catalog including new tee-shirt styles.

Wayne Lawing in the 1922 White
Wayne Lawing in the 1922 White