Southern Pacific #18 – December 2020

I’m sure we at the Carson and Colorado are not alone in our excitement to be at the end of 2020 and look forward to what 2021 will bring. With 2021 in mind we would like to showcase what we hope will be our primary restoration focus by this time next year, boxcar 1C. Acquired in 2019 from Silverwood Amusement Park, boxcar 1C is quite a survivor. Look out for some more detailed articles this coming year about its history. For now, here are some detail pictures of it:

While we know this has been a difficult year for many, the Carson and Colorado would certainly be grateful for any year end, tax deductible, contributions made to help facilitate 1C’s restoration, and towards the upkeep of #18, as functional pieces of our Eastern California Museum exhibit. We hope everyone stays healthy and happy, and once its again possible, please come join us in Independence.

Gerald Best photo of 1C in the 1930’s
#1C and #18 together again in 2019