Plans – Sept 30, 2009

The board of directors met to discuss the future of CCRR, its end goal, the means of achieving it, and the restoration of #18.

County Supervisor Marty Fortney began by announcing that the previously approved TEA grant had been canned due to California’s budget woes. Randy Babcock followed with some preliminary ideas on the mechanical condition of the locomotive as revealed during a recent comprehensive assessment made by he, Bill Palmer and Mike Arseniega.

Basically, #18 should have the FRA mandated form 4 work performed, but most operations should be at a permanent demonstration area in Independence. Additionally,all initial funds should come from private donations and non government grants.

The board then voted unanimously to allow the CCRW to begin an operational restoration based on the outline to be provided in the report. Work weekends will be scheduled in advance and work on the engine will proceed in spring 2010 at Dehy park and the Eastern California Museum.


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