Southern Pacific #18 update – November and December 2017

Another beautiful day in Independence.
The finished roof.
Our new tool area!

Just before Thanksgiving the work of moving into our newly completed engine house was underway. The roof and all details of the building were completed in October and it was finally time to get all of our tools in order. Drywall was added to the back wall and shelves and a work bench as well as a welding table were all moved in and tools hung, we are no longer working out of 5 gallon buckets!
In addition to the organization process, on the #18 we installed an M3 feed valve bracket in the air system to improve the reparability and make it easier to deal with. Also on the #18 the FRA mandated “annual” process was begun with water glass cleaning, gauge testing, and a boiler wash.

Saturday night we held a small building dedication complete with dinner and a show, well the premier of Steven Mathers “Steam Returns to Laws” DVD as well as Ed Flemings “Silver spike” DVD.

Lastly, outside, we begun to gather up switch components for our engine house switch, had an electrician and crew on hand to install the power to the building, and moved our little switch engine, ex Apache Powder #11, a 1943 Plymouth inside. And by Thanksgiving day #11 was up and running!

As always thanks to everyone who participates, be sure to pick up some Christmas gifts on our catalog page and remember us for those year end donations. Also check back for 2018 operating days, we are trying to get some finalized before the end of the year.