Restoration – March 19, 20, 26 and 27, 2011

tender1 tender2

At the Eastern Sierra Museum in Independence the tender tanks were raised off their beds to allow cleaning and inspection, and decking was removed. One of the tanks has rusted badly and must have some flooring replaced. Tender tank leg valves (that shut off the flow of water to the injectors) were removed for lapping.

At Dehy Park in Independence we finished our tool shed and brought in a work bench. Measurements of the thickness of the boiler shell continue. Removal of the flexible staybolt caps is half finished.

Several projects are on going in Colorado;

reartruck1  reartruck2

The rear truck is completely disassembled and has been about 85% stripped and cleaned. Build up weld work on the brake hangers is 50% complete. New materials for the broken arch bar, and all the new hardware, are in Independence. The cracked journal box is being fixed.

The air pump is disassembled and most of its pieces cleaned and lapped. New piston rings are being ordered and gaskets and the piston rod will be hard chromed.
The engineers side injector is completed and has been returned to Independence. The hydrostatic lubricator has also been completed.
The tender water and ice box has been stripped down and a scale drawing is being done of it prior to reassembly.
The tender light has been cleaned and the copper reflector is being re-silvered.

Thanks to all the volunteers for their time, effort, and expertise…and to the many people in Inyo county, and elsewhere, who’ve helped out when they could.