Restoration Feb, 2012


All that’s needed is attention to the details…but there are lots of them; valves, hoses, gauges, fitting the running boards, securing the tool box. It all must be done if everything is to work properly. We’re very close.


grid1  grid3  grid2
50 years of outdoor storage led to water damage of the wrapper sheet. Ultrasound testing revealed one spot which must be patched but we want to re-confirm that no other repairs are needed so we drew a finer grid in preparation for additional testing.


Patches must be rolled to the correct radius…so we’ve had to check the radius very carefully before ordering. That requires some knowledge of advanced geometry.


cook1  cook2

Our work is done by volunteers…but without great food and decent lodging no one would show up. So never forget the ladies – Betty, Steph, Jill.


Some other accomplishments included crack checking the tender draw bars, lapping the steam pipe seats in the smoke box and most importantly…Water and Power dropped off our new power pole. We will finally have power right at our tent!