Restoration – August, 2011

New Home for the Old Girl

home3During the last weekend in August our crew erected a large tent over the Slim Princess to provide weather protection for the precision welders who will repair the boiler wrapper.Since it was designed to be assembled you’d think it would just snap together. You’d be wrong. Some things are not obvious, some things are difficult, and some things just don’t work like they were designed to.

The equipment was donated. Rick Eckhart took the lead, reading the plans and deciding how to implement them. Doug Mull worked the cage…all day, every day, in the heat. Steve Pischel operated the DWP heavy forklift. Everyone else did what was necessary. We got the tent up in 2 days.

Dehy Park is almost directly across the street from the offices of the county Supervisors. In a few days we have to report to them on our progress. I think they’ll be happy with what they see and hear. 

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The front tender truck and cab floor are finished. THe truck will soon return to Inyo Co., as will the rebuilt headlights.

Restoration – June and July, 2011

In June and July we continued to work on the tender and locomotive; welding, cleaning, fitting, measuring. The rear tender truck has been completed and is back at the Eastern Sierra Museum.


arch_2arch_1The front tender truck is being restored in Colorado. Photos show the arch bar being bent, using heat and leverage, and completed truck.


The front truck bolster was trashed. It was easier and cheaper to fabricate a new one than to repair it.

sight_glass_1sight_glass_2In Mojave Gerry Mulryan is restoring the sight glass. The photos show the valve body being machined. You might not be aware of how many skills are needed to restore an old engine, so we try to keep you informed.

The whistle has been finished and can be heard by going to You Tube .

tankbottem1 tankbottem2The Rick’s – Echardt and Cromer – are to be congratulated on their work replacing the tender water tank floor. They removed, prepped, and fitted the new floor in just about a week. WOW!