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Carson & Colorado Railway – Page 66 – Home of Southern Pacific narrow gauge locomotive #18

Restoration – March 19, 20, 26 and 27, 2011

tender1 tender2

At the Eastern Sierra Museum in Independence the tender tanks were raised off their beds to allow cleaning and inspection, and decking was removed. One of the tanks has rusted badly and must have some flooring replaced. Tender tank leg valves (that shut off the flow of water to the injectors) were removed for lapping.

At Dehy Park in Independence we finished our tool shed and brought in a work bench. Measurements of the thickness of the boiler shell continue. Removal of the flexible staybolt caps is half finished.

Several projects are on going in Colorado;

reartruck1  reartruck2

The rear truck is completely disassembled and has been about 85% stripped and cleaned. Build up weld work on the brake hangers is 50% complete. New materials for the broken arch bar, and all the new hardware, are in Independence. The cracked journal box is being fixed.

The air pump is disassembled and most of its pieces cleaned and lapped. New piston rings are being ordered and gaskets and the piston rod will be hard chromed.
The engineers side injector is completed and has been returned to Independence. The hydrostatic lubricator has also been completed.
The tender water and ice box has been stripped down and a scale drawing is being done of it prior to reassembly.
The tender light has been cleaned and the copper reflector is being re-silvered.

Thanks to all the volunteers for their time, effort, and expertise…and to the many people in Inyo county, and elsewhere, who’ve helped out when they could.

Restoration – February 26-27,2011

The weather looked terrible…but it was possible to work even though it was cold and sometimes snowing. Is that dedication or what? Here’s a summary of what was done;

needlegun  h_staybolt

  • The boiler interior was needle scaled and pressure washed. Graphing of the boiler shell is completed and about 1/3 of the measurements have been taken and recorded.

prison emerging

  • Flexible stayblolt caps are being removed, so far about 1/4 are done.
  • The wrapper sheet and flexi sleeves have been needle scaled.
  • Cab floor material is being ordered and will be replaced in the coming weeks.
  • A tool shed has been built and placed inside the fence. Randy’s father Bob did this by himself in 4 hours using scrap lumber we had at the museum.

journal  dismantle

  • The tender’s front truck is disassembled and being cleaned and inspected. So far one broken coil spring and one cracked journal box. All else looks great.
    Cromer and Dave took the rear truck to Colorado a few days later.

These are the people who did the work;
Larry Peckham, Dave Morrison from Lancaster, CA, Rick Eckhardt, Randy Babcock- VP of Carson & Colorado Railway who’s in charge of the restoration project and works for D&SNG, Rick Cromer, Sean Jackson of D&SNG from Bayfield, CO., Tommy Myers, Dave Mull-President of Carson & Colorado Railway. And, of course, Betty Mull, her daughter Cassie, and Ma Cromer who provided the food which made the work bearable. Hope I’ve credited everyone…

Off site things are happening as well;

  • The tender’s rear truck is being rebuilt in Bayfield, CO. Randy disassembled it and found one of the arch bar pieces (1 1/8×4 steel) broken entirely in half, one more cracked journal box, and worn side plates. It sounds bad but it isn’t.
  • All but one brake valve have been rebuilt, tested and returned to Independence
  • Both injectors have been rebuilt.
  • Both classification lamps have been rebuilt and may go on temporary display at the Eastern Cal. Museum
  • Cab has been documented, stripped of electrical and wood and is being prepared for some minor steel repair and eventual sandblasting. (in Olancha)
  • A 2nd set of water glass valves and fixtures are being made from scratch in Mojave
  • Hydrostatic lubricator is being repaired and is nearly complete.

Not too bad for an all volunteer, unpaid crew.