Southern Pacific #18 – January and February 2020

Thanks to CCR friend and supporter Martin Hansen we have this great shot of #18 during what was possibly its final trip to the Bakersfield shops in 1954. Interestingly enough, locomotive #1774 also survived and is today on display in Globe, Arizona.

After all the excitement of the past couple years its been a relatively quiet start to 2020. With the new year underway we thought it would be good to lay out a few of the things we hope to accomplish in the coming years:

  • Complete the museum extension switch and continue track laying and right of way prep to extend the track towards the museum picnic area.
  • Begin the restoration of boxcar 1C/354 with documentation, some disassembly, and frame/end sill repairs.
  • Locate a more suitable pair of trucks, or rebuild the existing trucks under boxcar 15.
  • Continue to train our volunteers on the operation and maintenance of #18.
  • Continue to tie together and interpret the railroad exhibits within the existing museum grounds.
  • Add some display components to the Dehy Park display.

We hope everyone will continue to support us in 2020 and come on out to participate and see whats going on with #18 and the Eastern California Museum!

The subject of our next work weekend, the museum extension switch. This is how it looks today.

Southern Pacific #18 – December 2019

December 2009

As the decade of the teens comes to a close its worth a quick reminder as to how far we have come. The picture above shows #18 a decade ago in December 2009, silent, cold and showing the ravages of time in the confines of Dehy Park. After 10 years of tremendous support from all of you, #18 is now alive and well cared for.

The Carson and Colorado would like to thank EVERYONE who has contributed to the successes of #18 and hope you will all continue to support us as we maintain #18 into the new decade. Happy New Year and see you all in 2020!