Southern Pacific #18 – October and November 2020

October finally brought a small group together to do a little work in Independence. A pleasant, yet very hazy, weekend was the backdrop for things. Keeping Inyo Counties social distancing rules in mind, a group of only 7 of us came together to extended the track another 60 or so feet towards the museum. The future end of the track is actually in sight and a couple hundred feet away, in a straight line!

While track work was occurring Dave and Craig got our WW2 era bulldozer going to move a dirt pile in our path. It was quite a site to see that machine pushing dirt around; and yes, rumor has it that our very machine was used in John Wayne’s The fighting Seabees.

With track work well underway #18 was fired up for the first time in 2020 to provide a little training for a couple of folks on the fire up and shut down procedure. We all took it for a trip up and back while generally having a grand time.

Looking ahead, assuming circumstances will allow, our hope is to have a larger gathering after the first of the year with a focus on completing the museum extension track, switch, and performing the annual inspection on #18. Hope to see everyone in the Eastern Sierra’s!

The best little motel anywhere! Rays Den. Owner Linda Ellsworth has been a huge supporter of our group throughout the project.

Southern Pacific #18 – September 2020

Can you believe it; The Slim Princess reunion was three years ago this month! How time flies. In remembrance of that special weekend take a look at the photo gallery and all the wonderful pictures from that weekend.

As for current events, well, sadly, there hasn’t been any. That’s going to change soon! We do intend to continue our track work in October so check back next month for photos of the progress.