Southern Pacific #18 update – April 2021

Well its official, #18 will once again be heading to Durango for another stint on the Durango and Silverton Railroad. In a mutually beneficial agreement, the D&SNG has leased #18 for a period of approximately 6 months. #18’s primary role will likely be in helper service with the D&SNG’s other oil burning locomotive’s. Photos, dates the #18 may be in service, and other information will be posted in the future. We’re excited about being able to help the D&SNG and have #18 once again be a part of their operation!

Southern Pacific #18 Update – February and March 2021

February managed to see one, very small, work day occur. Only four attended and our primary focus was on installing a temporary, yet stable, roof on perlite car #73. Long without a proper roof, #73 had its plywood roof blown off last year in a wind storm. With no immediate plans to perform a proper restoration on #73 we decided to reinstall a plywood roof however this time with a little more structure to it so it will last, its certainly not pretty but will suffice. Also repaired was #73’s door so it will open.

Work was also begun on the pair of former Westside Lumber company trucks which will be repaired and ultimately placed under boxcar #15 to make it sit at a proper height and look more historically accurate. Work still remains to be performed before they are ready to go under #15.

In addition to the work on the boxcars, we removed the gauges off of #18 to test them for its annual. Also accomplished was some repairs to our push car and trips to both Owenyo and Kearsarge. All in all it was a beautiful day and a half in Independence! We look forward to the next work weekend, hopefully in April!