Surviving boxcars

C & C 1880-1905, N & C 1905-1912, SP 1912-1960EXISTING CARS

This roster is somewhat of an evolution. Any known, documented cars are listed. There could be others and if anyone has information or photos please submit them.

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1/359boxcarTo Travel Town as complete car 1960, incorrectly numbered 18. Moved indoors in 2001. march2009 sp 1 b
3/389boxcarIn the Alabamas, outside Lone Pine.
4/392boxcarSPC 114, to William Harrah as complete car 1960, to NSRRM in1986
5/403boxcarTo Laws RR museum 1960, complete except for trucks.
6/407boxcarEx. SPC #222, built 1885, body to Diaz lake 1960, to CCRW in 2002 Car restored with trucks and on display at Eastern California Museum, Independence. Scheduled to go to Dehy Park in 2018.
7/414boxcarTo Laws RR museum 1960, complete car lettered for C&C
9/430perliteOn Zucco Lone Pine.perlite9 on zucco
10/445boxcarOregonian RR 246, to SPC as 492, to SPCRR as complete car
11/449boxcarRetired by 1950’s, to Kern County museum as #1. To OERM in 1990’s, complete car.
12/450boxcarTo William Harrah as complete car in 1960, To Gary Norton’s Silverwood theme park in Athol, ID in 1986
13/451boxcarBody to Charles Mates of Lone Pine in 1960, moved by CCRW in 2004 to Betty Dews residence south of Olancha. Given to CCRW in 2015. Repainted and repaired and traded to Laws RR museum in 2018, now at LRRM. 


14/457boxcarBody to Russell Fleming family at Fort Independence 1960, still at Fort Ind.sp14aa
15/336boxcarOriginally Lake Tahoe Railway #5, to SP 1927, to Laws complete without trucks 1960. Traded to CCRW in 2018, now in Independence under restoration to operation. 
16/337boxcarOriginally LTR&T #6, to SP 1927, body to Ben Randolph of Lone Pine 1960, at home in town with #58.
17/338boxcarOriginally LTR&T #7, to SP 1927, to Laws as complete car 1960. Returned to service and used in 2017 with engine #18. 
20/315boxcarCar sold to W. Harrah 1960, to Silverwood theme park 1986.
21/332boxcarFormer LTR&T #1, to SP 1926, body to Lone Pine Rodeo directors home in Alabama Hills. Later owned by Bill Dell at same location, to Babcock family in 2006 for restoration as LTR&T #1
23/380boxcarTo Laws 1960, complete except for trucks.
25/396 (probably)boxcarBody in Alabama’s, has large end door.
26boxcarFormer Florence and Cripple Creek car, also ex-NCO car. To Universal Studios in 1950’s, finally to Nevada County Narrow Gauge Museum in Nevada City, CA. Was lettered for NCNG.
42/306boxcarBody to Ben Baker of Lone Pine in1960, currently outside of Bishop, on Dixon Lane.
45/313boxcarTo Laws 1960, complete except for trucks.
46/331boxcarOriginally Oregonian RR, rescued by Hoppy from thieves in 1949, to R&LHS 1960, restored as #331 at CSRRM 1981
47/346boxcarTo Laws 1960, complete except for trucks.
49/356boxcarBody to Maggie Wilson of Lone Pine 1960, in Lone Pine near #83.
50/360boxcarBody to Ed Butterworth of Olancha 1960, in Olancha off hwy 395, has had one side removed. Not much remaining.
51/365boxcarBody at ranch of Sandy Kemp in Alabama’s with one other car.
53/370boxcarOne of Ben Randolf’s cars, possibly could be #93. sp53
54/371boxcarOriginally SPC #96(?), to N&C 1905, body to White Cap Mine 1960, body located in Big Pine at Jeff Jewett residence until 1997. Donated to CCRW and traded to Babcock family for D&RGW stock car 5771. Body moved 10-1997 to Fallbrook, CA, restored in 1999 to operational condition with couplers & brake gear from SP #467.
57/384boxcarTo Laws 1960, complete except for trucks.
58/391boxcarBody to Ben Baker of Lone Pine in 1960, at residence in town with #16
59/394boxcarBody at Danny Miller residence at Fort Independence.
61/418boxcar In Independence.
63/421boxcarSee unknown car “A”
65/427boxcarBody to Ed Kivett of Dolomite in 1960, currently owned by Manuel Castro, located on Dolomite spur r.o.w.
66/428boxcarSee unknown car “B”
67/431boxcarTo Laws 1960, complete except for trucks, placed on Death Valley RR trucks.
68/462boxcarBody to Harold Yeates of Lone Pine in 1960, body on top of rocks in Alabama’s, car was demolished 2-2006 by new owners, hardware and some wood to CCRW.
70/437boxcarBody to Andy Garcia of Lone Pine in 1960, moved north of town of Pangborn ln. next car #90 and #71.
71/438boxcarBody to Ben Baker of Lone Pine in 1960, located next to cars #90 and #70.
72/439perltieBody to Bill Poole of Independence in 1960, likely car owned by Rich White. Converted to Perlite car in 1950’s.
73/440perliteBody to Les Stewart of Laws in 1960, on property owned by LADWP near Laws. Moved to Eastern Sierra Museum in 2009. Still retains many of its perlite car doors.
74/441perliteBody to Richard Joseph of Bishop 1960, at junk yard in Bishop. Converted to perlite car in 1950’s
76/460perliteBody to John Walker in 1960, body built into garage in Benton.
77/463boxcarTo Laws 1960, complete except for trucks.
78/464boxcarBody to Matt Perez of Lone Pine in 1960, car is at home of his daughter in town, has been covered and turned into guest room.
79/322boxcarBody to Dr. Smart (veterinarian) of Lone Pine in 1960, at home off Pangborn ln.
81/379boxcarBody to Bobbie Miller of Lone Pine in 1960, on farm of Jean Crispin in south Lone Pine.
83/397boxcarBody to Henry Olivas of Lone Pine in 1960, at home on west side of town.
84/402boxcar Body in Bishop until 2011 when donated to  Historical Society of Dayton Valley. Now at former C&C Dayton depot for restoration. 
86/408boxcarOn ranch north of Fish Springs Rd, south of Big Pine. No longer on ranch in 2017.
87/409boxcarBody to private individual in 1960, to Laws RR museum in late 1990’s
88/412boxcarBody to Clarence Dixon of Lone Pine in 1960, at home in Alabama’s. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
89/442boxcarBody at home in south Lone Pine.
90/447boxcarBody to Dr. Smart of Lone Pine in 1960, car off Pangborn ln. next to # 70 and #71
92/435perliteBody to Silvas Ness of Olancha in 1960, located west of Olancha. Converted for perlite service in 1950’s
128/433boxcarBody at home off Pangborn ln. in Lone Pine
130/335boxcarOriginally LTR&T #4, body was at Sandy Kemp ranch in Alabama’s with #51 and one other car, acquired and loaded by CCRW. Currently on trucks at Nevada County Railroad museum and under restoration after trade with CCRW.
132/411boxcarTo Laws as complete car in 1960.
137/372boxcarIn Lone Pine.
139/419boxcarBody to Ed Kivett of Dolomite in 1960, owned by Paul Lamos at Lake Minerals north of Olancha. Roof blew off in 2011. Car scrapped in 2015 with hardware going to CCRW.
303boxcarCarson and Colorado Le Mothe patent pipe boxcar. Used in freight and Wells Fargo service until 1906 when retired at Mina, to NSRRM in 1983. No trucks, doors, or brake hardware.
317boxcarAcquired in 1999 from Mineral County Museum, Hawthorne, NV. and now at NSRRM. Also a La Mothe patent pipe boxcar. No trucks, doors, or brake hardware.
426boxcarOriginally Oregonian RR #170, to SPC as 444, then to N&C as 426. Retired in 1920’s as shed, to NSRRM in 1980’s, to SPCRR in 1992.
443boxcarOriginally Oregonian RR #230, to SPC in 1899 as #472, to N&C as #443 in 1906. Retired in 1920’s as shed, to SPCRR in 1983 and restored as SPC 472
474boxcarThis car was SPC #474. At some point became station at Montgomery Pass, remains at that location although badly deteriorated.
??AboxcarBody to Paul Hunter of Independence in 1960, likely the car currently owned by Mary Mairs of Independence. Likely is #63.
??BboxcarLikely is #66.
??CboxcarBody at home of June Bagwell next to #78 in Lone Pine
??DboxcarBody at home of Dale Davidson in Lone Pine, covered over as guest room.
??EboxcarBody was at Lone Pine Rodeo grounds, now somewhere in the Dayton, NV area. Number still unknown.
??FboxcarBody at Sandy Kemp ranch in Alabama’s with #51
??GboxcarBody at former home of George Brown’s parents in Lone Pine
boxcarFormer standard gauge boxcar, was maintenance shed in Keeler for many years.

* Cars are listed by their post 1946-47 number first and prewar number second. In all but one case these numbers have checked out in field when able to cross reference them.

** Most of the cars listed above are Carter Brothers built for either the Oregonian Railroad or the SPC. Most cars were transferred to N&C in 1904-05 to handle traffic needs of Tonopah gold rush but not officially transferred on paper until 1906-07.

***Many thanks to Wendell Huffman of the Nevada State Railroad Museum for all the photos and information he’s sent me.

**** Some of the historic photos were clipped from Joe Dale Morris’ book “Slim Princess in the Sunset; 1940-1960”