Surviving Passenger Cars

C & C 1880-1905, N & C 1905-1912, SP 1912-1960…EXISTING CARS

This roster is somewhat of an evolution. Any known, documented cars are listed. There could be others and if anyone has information or photos please submit them.

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1882Had Barney and Smith trucks, cost new was 2388.92, retired after 1907. Body was acquired by Dick Datin and moved to Laws in 5-1969. Car was placed on freight car trucks in 1993. Car was placed back on the ground in April 2017.
1882Built with B&S trucks at a cost of 2388.92, converted for use as Yerington’s private car in 8-1884 including clerestory roof and larger windows. Upon completion of new private car in 1896, #2 became R.J. Laws business car. Sold to Inyo Development Co. 2-1900 (1 month prior to SP purchase of line), car remained on road until sold to Tonopah RR in 1904. Standard gauged in 1905 and retired in 1907 and placed on ground as depot at Millers, NV until moved to Laws in 1950’s. Sold to Bruce Coons and moved to San Diego in 1995, sold to Babcock family 3-1999 and currently in Orange, CA under restoration.
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1881Originally baggage-express-smoker then baggage-express and finally full baggage, sold to Parker Lyon 1939, then to William Harrah in 1955 and finally to Nevada state RR museum 1988.
1881Same basic history as #3, but retired 2-7-1939, body then used as shed at locomotive repair facilities in Keeler. Moved to north Keeler by owner Jim Macey in 1980’s, currently used as guest room/office.Today as house, above. Below as shed at Keeler after 1939 (Richard Thomas Photo)
5coach1881Originally full coach, later had smoking section added. Sold to Gerry Best 3-28-1938 for Ward Kimball’s Grizzly Flats RR in San Gabriel, currently at OERM in Perris
1887Originally SPC #69, transferred to N&C during Tonopah gold rush. Rebuilt to combine in 1931 and renumbered 8. To Parker Lyon in 1939 and then to William Harrah in 1955, sold to Gary Norton in 1986 and then sold to NSRRM 7-18-1991.
1896Originally built with cupola (similar to #2), converted to more traditional business car in 1903 and named “Esmeralda”. Retired 1927 and placed on ground in Keeler. Purchased by private owner in 1940’s and taken to San Fernando, sold to Charles Brown 1965, and finally donated to OERM 1991.
12baggage1878Started as coach #3 on Oregonian Railroad, to SPC 1896, rebuilt as baggage/postal car #9 in 1903, to N&C #12 in 7-1-06 Finally changed to baggage in 1928 and lasted until 1960 as caboose until donated to Travel Town in Los Angles. Moved indoors in 2001
47caboose1882Originally SPC 47, to N&C 9-1906 as #455, retired 11-1915 and body used as shed in Keeler. Car was salvaged by Carter Bros. society (SPCRR) in 1967 and taken to Newark.
 Began as a coach for the San Joaquin & Sierra Nevada eventually to SPC 1009, then to N&C MW8, finally rebuilt with freight trucks and a flat roof  and survived as caboose until abandonment. Taken to Laws with #9 on last north bound train 4-1960. Returned to service and used with #18 in 2017.
1884Originally combine #63 on SPC, to N&C in 1908 and probably change to a caboose at this time. Retained until 2-1947 then sold to Parker Lyon, bought by William Harrah in 1955 and burned by someone trying to keep warm by stove in 1961, moved to Dayton, NV then to Gold Hill, remaining structure removed prior to being moved to San Diego in 1995. Frame and hardware sold to Babcock family 3-1998 and moved to Fallbrook, CA. Trucks to C&C 2, while brake cylinder and couplers went to SP boxcar 54.
1882Built for SJ&SN as coach, renumbered to 1010, then to SPC, to N&C in 1907 as #16, retired in 1913 at Mina, acquired by Dick Datin in 1960 and taken to Laws, Sold to Carter Brothers Society in 1990 and restored as 1010.