County Presentation, Sept 14, 2010

The Inyo County Board of Supervisors granted the Carson & Colorado Railway Society a 5 year renewable lease which gives us the right to restore #18 on site in Dehy Park and to transport its tender to the Eastern Sierra Museum and restore it there.

They made a special point of thanking us for preparing a very fine Assessment and Restoration Plan and for persevering so long, against so many setbacks, to finally get the chance to do what so many in this county want done.


Restoration – April 30,2010

Left to right: Doug Mull (C&C), Jeff Taylor (Knotts), Jordan Oxborrow (NNRy), Mike Arcinega (Knotts), Dave Mull (C&C), Randy Babcock (D&S), Marty Westland (NNRy), Charley Cross (V&T), Patrick Entriken (UP&V&T)
They journeyed here to begin the restoration by starting the dismantling process…and were cheered on by members of the visiting Southern Pacific Historical society, and by food and drink provided by Carson & Colorado.


rest4  rest5

rest2  rest3
Everyone knew what this meant, we are on our way, finally. Ted Peterson, Inyo County Administrator, pledged county support. Others, ordinary citizens and visitors, contributed over $2000 on the spot.