Here are some of the past short videos that have been put together by Ed Flemming our honorary videographer. Ed has documented the entire restoration and some of his videos are available for purchase on our website.

Locomotive Restoration Team

Slim Princess Promotional

Volume 2 Trailer

Special thanks to A and R Productions for allowing the use of archival footage
from “The Desert Princess'” classic railroad video.

Sarge1Our main project and reason for being, the restoration of the #18. We started tinkering with the locomotive about 1996. That work resulted in a steam test in January 2001 in which the engine was fired up to 50psi.

Fire in #18s firebox, January 25, 2001

In 2009 a comprehensive report was assembled which put in place the plan to fully and properly restore the #18 to operational condition. Between 2010 and 2016 the Carson & Colorado restored the #18 to operating condition.

Here you can peruse through older post and see the progress of the restoration from the beginning in 2010 to 2016.

2016, Full steam ahead

2015, Things heat up

2014, The cab goes back on

2013, Repair work

2012, The wheels are removed

2011, The tent goes up

2010, The beginning

The #18’s whistle can be heard here while it was temporarily on McCloud #18 at the V&TRR in 2011.