Surviving stock cars, tank cars, gondolas, flat cars, MOW

C & C 1880-1905, N & C 1905-1912, SP 1912-1960…EXISTING CARS

This roster is somewhat of an evolution. Any known, documented cars are listed. There could be others and if anyone has information or photos please submit them.

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Stock Cars

Number Type Notes Thumbs
157/155 stockcar To Ward Kimball’s Grizzly Flats RR in 1960, Donated to OERM in 1992.
159 stockcar Originally SPC #835, to N&C as flat car #122, rebuilt as stock car. To W.Harrah 1960, to NSRRM in 1986
160/9 stockcar Built as a flat car, converted to a stock car in 1915. Body to Pete Olivas of Lone Pine in 1960, at Olivas residence near boxcars #49 and #83.
162 stockcar Originally C&C flat car #72 built by V&T in 1882, car to W. Harrah in 1960, to NSRRM in 1986
163 stockcar Originally a C&C flat car, to Travel Town in 1960.
166 stockcar Originally a C&C flat car, to Laws RR museum in 1960.
167 stockcar Body at Browns, CA possibly dismantled
171/61 stockcar Former NCO car, to YM&SP RR, reported to have been dismantled
173/65 stockcar Former NCO car, to Tropicana Gold Mine Museum, sold to John Le Prince in 1990’s for OERRM. To be restored as NCO car
176/544 stockcar Former NCO car, body to Lone Pine gas. Sold to private party and moved north of Keeler off hwy 136.
177 stockcar was sold to E.C. Butler 1960, unknown if still exists.
182/552 stockcar Body to Llyod Ayers, Lone Pine 1960, unknowwn if still exists.
184/549 stockcar Body sold in 1960, located near std gauge Lone Pine depot. This was likely the longest freight car on the line at 38+ ft.
5771 stockcar D&RGW stock car 5771 obtained from Babcock family, had been converted to passenger use by Knotts Berry Farm. On display at Eastern Sierra Museum. Frame will be used for rider gondola in the future.

Gondolas, Flatcars

Number Type Notes Thumbs
203 gondola At Zurich in the ’50’s, to Midwest Central RR as passenger car
204 gondola To Midwest Central RR as passenger car  100_3054
216/144 gondola To Tropicana Gold mine in Rosemead, CA, to OERM 1992.
222 gondola To Midwest Central RR as passenger car  100_3063
223/476 gondola To Ward Kimball in 1960, to OERM in 1990
225/479 gondola  To W. Harrah in 1960, to Gary Norton at auction in 1986, converted to passenger car in 2000’s at Silverwood park in Athol, ID
228/490 gondola Built as a flatcar in 1917 by CP shops at Ogden. Converted in 1945.
233 gondola  Parts only, Nevada County Historical Society
258/477 gondola Gondola to Travel Town in 1960, used on operating RR in early 1960’s, on display until 1980’s when dismantled due to condition, hardware only in 2006
321 gondola  To Roaring Camp as passenger car, 1960
333 gondola On the roster in 1960. One of the cars sold to Roaring camp and Big Trees for conversion to passenger service.
339 gondola A-frame gondola to Laws in 1960, only complete A-frame in existence
???? gondola One side and some hardware of seven door A-frame located along right of way north of Kearsarge.
209 flatcar Built in Bakersfield in 1948 with a steel frame to replace the original wood 209. Car sold to Midwest Central RR in Iowa, rebuilt into passenger car.


250 flatcar Flat car to Dale Gentry for private RR, to Roaring Camp and Big Trees RR, to Sumpter Valley RR. Currently only hardware exists. May be rebuilt one day.
251 flatcar Flat car to Dale Gentry for private RR, to RC&BT, to Sumpter Valley RR. Scheduled for restoration.
255/472 flatcar Flat car to Universal Studios, to NCNGRR in 1990’s
259/481 flatcar Built in Ogden in 1917. Flat car to W. Harrah in 1960, to Gary Norton at auction in 1986, at Silverwood amusement park, Athol, ID

Tanks Cars, MOW

Number Type Notes Thumbs
350 water
Built by C & C as a flatcar in 1905. Scrapped in the ’60s, car and tank may still exist on ranch in Cartago.
352/145 oil
To R&LHS in 1960, at CSRRM restored as #145.
???? tankcar Part of tank in ground at former Keeler engine terminal, shows up as early as late 1940’s in pictures. “water car” still visible on side, partial number also visible, could have been an old tank that was replaced. Owned by Jim Macey
crew car
At Mina in 1936, later became #401, currently at Laws.
Basically an ordinary boxcar, with some grab irons on the left side of the door, that was used with work trains in the early years. To W. Harrah in 1960, to Gary Norton at auction in 1960, at Athol, ID
???? MOW
Speeder car work trailer from Keeler, to Dale Gentry for private RR in 1960, to Babcock family in late 1970’s, at Fallbrook, CA.
???? MOW
Speeder car work trailer from Laws, to Laws in 1960

*Cars #203,204,209,222 to Midwest Central RR in Iowa 1960, for use as excursion cars. Although all were converted to passenger cars in the 1960’s, they all retain their original framing and lettering under the passenger bodies.
**Cars # 321,333 and four others to RC&BT RR for use as excursion cars in 1960. None are known to exist in original form.

***Many thanks to Wendell Huffman of the Nevada State Railroad Museum for all the photos and information he’s sent me.

**** Many of the pictures of cars which no longer exist were clipped from photos in Joe Dale Morris’ book “Slim Princess in the Sunset; 1940-1960”